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Alex Chapple
Born Dundas, Ontario, Canada
Occupation Film director,
Film producer
Years active 1994–present

Alex Chapple is a Canadian director and writer.


Film Director
Year Film Notes
2002 Made in Canada, Volume 1: Best of the CFC
1994 The Passion of John Ruskin Short Film
TV Director
Year Title Episode(s) Notes
2010 Being Erica Bear Breasts (2010)
2009 Stargate Universe Subversion (2010)
Life (2009)
Law & Order Brilliant Disguise (2010)
Fed (2009)
Anchors Away (2009)
Crimebusters (2009)
Pledge (2009)
Bones The Bond in the Boot (2009)
Being Erica Being Dr. Tom (2009)
2008 Crusoe Smoke and Mirrors (2009)
Bad Blood (2008)
2007 Bionic Woman Trust Issues
Kidnapped Impasse
2006 Shades of Black: The Conrad Black Story TV movie
Blade: The Series Conclave (2006)
Delivery (2006)
2004 Law & Order: Criminal Intent Ten Count (2008)
Watch (2006)
Sex Club (2005)
View from Up Here (2005)
Inert Dwarf (2004)
2003 Mafia Doctor TV movie
2002 Street Time High Holly Roller (2003)
Watching the Watchers (2003)
Betrayal (2002)
Torso: The Evelyn Dick Story
2001 Leap Years
1999 Murder Most Likely
I Was a Sixth Grade Alien Alien Dinner Massacre! (1999)
Aliens to Blow Up Earth! (1999)
Jake and the Kid The Circus (1999)
Looks Can Be Deceiving (1996)
1996 Traders History Lesson (1999)
In Toto (1998)
In Vacuo (1998)
Dark Sanctuary (1997)
Dancing with Mr. D. (1996)
Ready or Not Get a Life (1997)
First Serious Party (1996)
Flash Forward Saboteurs (1996)
Skate Bait (1996)
1995 Side Effects Time Enough to Say Good-bye
Nancy Drew Who's Hot, Who's Not (1995)
Welcome to the Callisto (1995)
1994 The Odyssey Tug of War
unknown Liberty Street All Work and No Play
Caged Heat
Even Bradys Get the Blues
In the Heat of the Night
Reality Bites

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