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Alex Garden is the CEO of Vancouver-based game developer Relic Entertainment, which he co-founded with Luke Moloney in 1997. In February 2005, he founded the company iVALET Systems Inc. to develop an advanced parking system.[1] In July 2005, he co-founded Klei Entertainment, a Vancouver-based video game development studio, with Jamie Cheng.[2] On November 3, 2006, Alex Garden joined Nexon to run Nexon's North American game development studio, Nexon Publishing North America.[3] In October, 2009, Alex Garden joined Microsoft to work in their games division, Microsoft Game Studios. On April 23, 2014, Zynga announced that Alex Garden was hired to become President of Zynga Studios with a start date of May 5, 2014.[4][5] On 13 April 2016 Alex Garden returned to Relic Entertainment as CEO.[6] In 2016 Garden founded Zume Pizza.[7]


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