Alex Gibbs

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Alex Gibbs
Personal information
Place of birth Morganton, North Carolina
Alma mater Davidson College
Team(s) as a coach/administrator
1969-1970 Duke (DB)
1971-1972 Kentucky (DB)
1973-1974 West Virginia University (DB)
1975-1978 Ohio State (OC/OL)
1979-1981 Auburn (OC)
1982-1983 Georgia (OL)
1984-1987 Denver Broncos (OL)
1988-1989 Los Angeles Raiders (OL)
1990-1991 San Diego Chargers (OL)
1992 Indianapolis Colts (OL)
1993-1994 Kansas City Chiefs (OL)
1995-2003 Denver Broncos (Asst. HC/OL)
2004 Atlanta Falcons (Asst. HC/OL)
2005-2006 Atlanta Falcons (Consultant)
2008-2009 Houston Texans (Asst. HC/O)
2010 Seattle Seahawks (Asst. HC/OL)
2013 Denver Broncos (OL Consultant)

Alex Gibbs (born February 22, 1941 in Morgantown, North Carolina) is a former NFL offensive line coach and former assistant NFL head coach. He currently serves as an offensive line consultant for the American football team the Denver Broncos. Gibbs is a well known proponent of the Zone Blocking scheme and popularized its use while he was Offensive line coach of the Denver Broncos.[1] Denver became famous at that time for its use of smaller, more agile offensive linemen and the success of its running backs, most notably Terrell Davis.[2] Gibbs was to enter his first season on Pete Carroll's Seattle Seahawks staff as the Assistant Head Coach and Offensive Line coach in 2010,[3] but announced his unexpected retirement a week before the start of the NFL's 2010 regular season.[1][4] In May 2013 he returned to the Denver Broncos in a consultant role for one year.[5][6]


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