Alex Giualini Plaza

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Alex Giualini Plaza
General information
Status abandoned
Type City Hall (1930-1969)
Location Mission Blvd
Hayward, CA 94541
Coordinates 37°40′15″N 122°04′55″W / 37.6708°N 122.082°W / 37.6708; -122.082Coordinates: 37°40′15″N 122°04′55″W / 37.6708°N 122.082°W / 37.6708; -122.082
Construction started late 1920s
Completed 1930
Opening 1930
Owner City of Hayward
Technical details
Floor count 3

Alex Giualini Plaza is a park surrounding a vacant building in downtown Hayward, California. The building was Hayward's first city hall. It is located on Mission Boulevard and D Street.[1]

Motifs on the old City Hall building


Hayward City Hall opened in 1930. A circle-in-square design element on the building's facade was used to create the current city logo. It served as Hayward City Hall between 1930-1969. When the City Center Building opened in October 1969 the city government moved there. The current Hayward City Hall is located at 777 B Street, three blocks away from Giualini Plaza.

Stone showing construction date

A trace from the Hayward Fault runs directly under the old City Hall building. The building was abandoned due to structural damage caused by aseismic creep.

Interior stairway (building closed to the public)


In 1999 the City of Hayward renamed the building and surrounding park Alex Giualini Plaza after the former mayor.[2]

Commemorative plaque outside City Hall building, showing location of the former Rancho San Lorenzo