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Alex Hunter (character)

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Alex Hunter
FIFA character
First appearance FIFA 17 (2016)
Created by EA Sports
Portrayed by Adetomiwa Edun
Voiced by Adetomiwa Edun
Full name Alex Hunter
Occupation Footballer
Affiliation Danny Williams
  • Catherine Hunter (mother)
  • Howard Hunter (father)
  • Jim Hunter (grandfather)
  • Kim Hunter (half sister)
Nationality English

Alex Hunter is a fictional character in the FIFA game series made by EA Sports. He is played by actor Adetomiwa Edun, who provided the voice and motion capture for the character.[2][3] He was introduced in the 24th instalment of the FIFA series as the protagonist of new single-player story mode, "The Journey".[4]


Alex Hunter was born in Clapham, London, and played youth football on Clapham Common with best friend Gareth Walker. Hunter is multiracial, with a white father and black mother.[5] His life goal is to play as a professional footballer.[6][7] His grandfather, Jim Hunter, was a former player who scored 22 goals in the 1968–69 season.[8] Alex's father, Harold, was also a football player in his youth, but his career was cut short due to an injury.[9] His mother, Catherine, works as a designer.[citation needed]



Following a cup final game between two young teams, one of which features Hunter and his best friend, Gareth Walker, either Walker or Hunter score the winning penalty in a penalty shoot-out,[10][11] a scout remarks about Alex Hunter's talent to Jim Hunter. Six years later, Hunter and Walker are invited to an exit trial for youth not yet signed to professional contracts. After a successful trial, Hunter signs for any Premier League club of the player's choosing. Hunter soon learns that Walker has joined the same club.

Both players attend the club's pre-season tour of the United States, in which they play against Real Madrid, Borussia Dortmund and Paris Saint-Germain. In the regular season, after starting most games as a substitute, Hunter's club signs one of Harry Kane or Ángel Di María, and Hunter is loaned out to one of Newcastle United, Aston Villa, or Norwich City.[11][12] After impressing on loan in the Championship, Hunter returns to his parent club only to find that Walker has left for the club's rivals.[9]

Hunter is able to receive sponsorship deals from Adidas, each deal being received whenever Hunter hits a milestone number of followers in the Twitter-based social media menu of the game mode. The deals include new boots, a photoshoot, and the chance to appear in an Adidas advertisement alongside Di María. After a successful season in the starting eleven, Hunter gets to start in the final of the FA Cup, in which he faces Gareth Walker for the first or second time since his departure from the club.[10] Before the game, Hunter and Walker encounter in the tunnel. Regardless of the result, Walker and Hunter shake hands after the game and they become reconciled. Later, in Hunter's flat, Hunter discovers that he has been named on a long-list of players to be called up to the England national team.


Following a successful debut season, Hunter returns as a now well-known professional footballer and wants to make his mark at an international level. Hunter and his friend Danny Williams, who were teammates in the Championship, play against some Brazilian children in a 3v3 football game while on holiday.[13] After returning home to England, Hunter is invited to an interview with Rio Ferdinand. He runs into Walker, who mocks that Hunter is still with his agent, Michael. At a pre-season tour in Los Angeles, Hunter's team plays Real Madrid; regardless of the result, Hunter swaps jerseys with Cristiano Ronaldo, who suggests that Hunter should play for Madrid. If the player beats Real Madrid, Hunter next plays against LA Galaxy, where Hunter encounters Gyasi Zardes in the tunnel before the game. Hunter also meets his father during the tour, and begrudgingly accepts an invitation to have dinner with him. After the tour, Hunter and his teammates go to Chicago where they participate in the MLS All-Star Game.

Following the first game of the new Premier League season,[14] Michael tells Hunter that Real Madrid are interested in him,[15] and Hunter submits a transfer request. Following this news, Hunter's teammates and his fans lose faith in his commitment to the team.[15] The day before the transfer window closes, Michael reveals that he found out that the Real Madrid deal was a scam. Despite explaining the situation to the club's executive, Hunter is moved to the youth squad. On deadline day, Michael admits that he really wanted Hunter to sign with Madrid to boost his reputation as an agent. Hunter is enraged at Michael for gambling his football career for his personal gain, and can either forgive him or fire him. Hunter then gets a call from his father, now working for LA Galaxy, who offer him a contract, which Hunter accepts.[15]

While in the United States, Hunter learns that he has a half-sister called Kim.[16] Though furious with his father, Hunter supports Kim during her international debut for the United States women's national soccer team against Germany.[1][16] Hunter returns home to England after the season with LA ends at Christmas, but gives Kim their grandfather's football for luck in her future games.

After reuniting with Danny, who signed with Hunter's former club when he left, Hunter learns that Atletico Madrid, PSG, and Bayern Munich are interested in signing him.[17] He signs to one of them and when he arrives finds out that Dino, the manager of his former loan club, is at his new club as well.[18] Dino pairs Hunter up with either Thomas Muller, Antoine Griezmann, or Dele Alli, the player serving as Hunter's strike partner.[19][18] However, Hunter suffers a knee injury early in the season that sidelines him for most of the season.

Once recovered, Hunter finds out that Dino's job is at risk,[18] and he may be fired if the club doesn't win any silverware by the season's end.[19] If Hunter plays well and wins the league or domestic cup, Dino keeps his job; if not, he is fired.[19] After the season ends, Hunter takes Jim over to the United States to meet Kim; after the meal, Hunter receives a call from an agent, offering to make him an icon.


Hunter is set to make an appearance in the third and final instalment of The Journey in FIFA 19, titled The Journey: Champions.[20] In this intallment Hunter signs for Real Madrid and becomes their star player after Cristiano Ronaldo left for Juventus. As FIFA 19 has the full Champions League licence Hunter has also joined Real Madrid for Champions League glory. Hunter had this to say about his move to Real Madrid: "It's everything I've ever wanted, simple as that". He continued: "To join Real Madrid, the biggest club in the world, is what every kid like me dreams about. And on top of it all, I'm just buzzing to finally get my chance to play in the biggest club competition in the world, the UEFA Champions League".[21]

Reception and impact

Alex Hunter's story was heavily linked with the story of Manchester United forward Marcus Rashford, who scored twice on his debut in February 2016.[12] Rashford also gave his thoughts on the similarities between him and Alex Hunter before England's game against Iceland during Euro 2016: "I actually can't believe how accurate it is, watching Alex, it reminds me of my journey."[22] However, EA Sports producer Mat Prior dismissed these links, calling it "a case of life imitating art".[23]

It is not possible to customize anything about Hunter other than his team, position, and clothing, unlike FIFA's "Career mode" where users can create a player based on their own likeness. The lack of customization created minor backlash online,[5] though research by Vocativ found most complaints about the lack of customization were not racially motivated.[24]


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