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Alex Masi is an Italian guitarist.

He was born 14 May 1969 in Venice, and studied at the Conservatory of Music in Verona. He formed the heavy rock band Dark Lord in 1984[1] and recorded two EPs with them. In the early 1980s Masi moved briefly to London, where he played with several musicians.

With Dark Lord he toured as opening act for several major acts of the period until 1986, when he was invited by Metal Blade Records to move to Los Angeles and join the band Sound Barrier. He later founded a band of this own, called Masi. His first solo album was Attack of the Neon Shark, which received a Grammy nomination for Best Instrumental Rock Album. The second solo album was called Vertical Invader, and featured only Masi along with drummer John Macaluso.

In 1998 Masi published the first album of a successful trilogy dedicated to three of the most famous classical musicians in history, entitled In the Name of Bach. This was followed by In the name of Mozart and In the Name of Beethoven. Around the same time he released his last Masi album, Eternal Struggle. In 2006 he published the solo album Late Nights at Desert Rimrock.


  • Dark Lord (EP) (1983, with Dark Lord)
  • State of Rock (EP) (1985, with Dark Lord)
  • Fire in the Rain (1987)
  • Downtown Dreamers (1988)
  • Attack of the Neon Shark (1989)
  • Vertical Invader (1990)
  • Tales from the North (1995)
  • The Watcher (1997)
  • In the Name of Bach (1999)
  • Steel String Bach (2000)
  • Condition Red (2000, with Condition Red)
  • Eternal Struggle (2001)
  • Condition Red II (2003, with Condition Red)
  • In the Name of Mozart (2004)
  • Ritual Factory (2004, with MCM)
  • In the Name of Beethoven (2005)
  • Late Nights at Desert's Rimrock (2006)
  • Pastrami Standards (2006, with The Trio of Stridence)
  • 1900: Hard Times (Live) (2007, with MCM)
  • Theory of Everything (2010)
  • Danger Zone (2013)


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