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Alex Minoff is an American musician from Pennsylvania who is known for his work with the groups Golden,[1] Weird War,[2] and Extra Golden.[3]

Though coming from an independent (or "underground") rock 'n' roll tradition, Minoff plays Kenyan Benga music in Extra Golden, which also includes a drummer and singer-guitarist from Kenya.[3]

He is typically a guitarist/singer but is also credited as playing drums on the Weird War record If You Can't Beat 'Em, Bite 'Em.

Minof also played as a session man and/or collaborator with other previously established groups, such as The Make-Up (on their lp/cd Untouchable Sound - Live!), Ted Leo, Royal Trux, and Six Finger Satellite. He also is featured in a group called Mistle-Tones who compose holiday music.

Minoff often plays a Gibson Firebird guitar.



  • Here comes the Golden Fuzz (Slowdime) (1997)
  • Super GOLDEN Original Movement (Slowdime) (1999)
  • Golden Summer (Slowdime) (2000)
  • Apollo Stars (National) (2002)

The Make-Up[edit]

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Weird War[edit]

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Studio albums[edit]

DVD / Video[edit]

Extra Golden[edit]

  • Ok-Oyot System (Thrill Jockey) (2006)
  • Hera Ma Nono (Thrill Jockey) (2007)
  • Thank You Very Quickly (Thrill Jockey) (2009)

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