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Alex Palmieri
Alex Palmieri.jpg
Alex Palmieri in December 2015
Background information
Birth nameAlessandro Palmieri
Born (1991-01-12) January 12, 1991 (age 29)
Milan, Italy
Years active2010–present
LabelsItalianWayMusic / Believe Digital

Alessandro "Alex" Palmieri (born January 12, 1991) is an Italian singer, songwriter, performer and LGBT activist. He reached media popularity thanks to internet activities and different tv programs.[1] He released 1 Ep, 2 album and 16 singles.[2]


Palmieri has studied dance since he was six and he appeared for the first time in TV in 2010 during Pomeriggio Cinque, a TV show with Barbara D'Urso on Canale 5. In 2011 his first single Move were released. He reached fame and media renown[3] thanks to his performances in several discos, TV appearances (including an interview on La3) TV[4] and online activities. In 2011 he took part in the second edition of the Social King reality show on Rai 2, classifying himself among the four final contenders. During the running period of this TV show the single Popstar was released thanks to the cooperation with the Swedish DJ Tim Bergholm.[5] Later, during the promotional tour, he also presented the song on Match Music TV.[6]

After having released other singles and after several performances in italian discos, Palmieri released the single Monster Boy at the end of 2012, produced by Ukrainian Jandy Andrey Prudnikov and in 2013 he performed at gay pride in Milan. This song was also broadcast on the Italian TV network Sky Sport[7] during the program Calcio Mercato presented by Alessandro Bonan. In autumn of that year he signed his first record deal with Believe Digital and he published the album Back Alive,[8] co-produced by Bergholm and Prudnikov and anticipated by the first single Wasted. Later Palmieri performed on tour around Italy in clubs and as a guest at events related to gay prides. Moreover, he published other singles from the album, always followed by music videos.

In November 2014 he published the first single from his new album, Maniac. This was the video that opened the singer's official Vevo channel and in 2015 he performed during the Verona Pride supporting Ivana Spagna and Power Francers.[9] In November 2015 the album Uncensored was released, it was produced by Believe Digital. The single Nicholas' Got a Secret came out before the album and was produced by Palmieri and Prudnikov with the participation of Luca Sala. The tour that followed was the first one with dates around Europe, for instance during Regenbogenparade in Vienna,[10] at CSD München,[11] at Warsaw Pride and at Copenhagen Pride.[12] Simultaneously to the European tour, two singles were extracted from the album: Single and Save Me.

In September 2016 Palmieri was one of the love interests in the dating game show Uomini e Donne on Canale 5 during the first gay edition where he stayed for one month,[13] in the same period he renewed his contract with Believe Digital and in November he released the single Online.[14] This song was broadcast in preview on Swiss TV RSI La 2.[15] In 2017, the videoclip of ″Online″ was broadcast in airplay on TV channels OutTV in Belgium and in the Netherlands. Afterwards, the national tour aimed at the promotion of the song, starting from Cagliari and continuing in several other Italian cities.[16] In summer 2017 the tour continued in Europe with three dates in Germany (Konstanz, Mannheim e Düsseldorf), followed by Florence, Budapest and London, marking the singer's first time in the UK: the performance in Trafalgar Square was part of the London Pride,[17] supporting Fleur East gig and where the singer was also interviewed by London Live.[18] Concurrently with the live shows, Palmieri confirmed the making of a new album[19] and in October 2017 the first single But Nobody Knows for the forthcoming album was released.[20] The song was produced between Italy and California by the producer Johann Bach and in November the news agency Adnkronos published the videoclip première.[21]

In January 2018 Alex Palmieri released his second album with Believe Digital entitled Reset, an electro-pop work inspired by the sound of the 2000s and for which, once again, Palmieri wrote all the lyrics.[22] The album included the previous single Online and But Nobody Knows and it's been recorded in Italy, Ukraine, Sweden and California, with the help of Alex’s fans, who helped to raise money for the production thanks to a Crowdfunding campaign.[23] The release of the album was accompanied by the third single Time Resetted[24] (produced together with Alex Zitelli and Livio Boccioni) and followed by a few TV appearances: the singer presented the album on TG Norba 24,[25] on the Swiss channel RSI La 2 and on Rai 1, on the television programme Unomattina.[26][27] In march, during an interview on Radio 105 Network, where Palmieri announces the first italian dates of the Reset Tour.[28] In summer 2018, live shows have been extended in Europe with gigs in Germany, Poland and Spain [29] and in september a 4th single from Reset was released, the song against bullying If That Was You. The ballad gathered a positive media attention:[30] in October it was premiered on the Raiuno tv programme Storie Italiane (Italian Stories),[31] hosted by Eleonora Daniele and later on, the channel Rete 4 broadcast a sneak preview of the music video.[32] In January 2019, Palmieri released the last single from Reset, the dance/pop track In the Backstage[33] which he performed on TV, on Raiuno on the programme Unomattina.[34] and in February he announced a repise of the Reset Tour with other 7 italian dates.[35] That summer the Reset Tour went back in Europe, with its conclusive dates in Germany (Munich and Hamburg), Czech Republic (Prague) and Austria where Alex was the only italian singer to take the stage of EuroPride 2019 in Wien.[36] In the meantime, he confirmed the processing of a new album that would be released in 2020. [37]



  • Move (2011)
  • Back Alive (2013, Believe Digital)
  • Uncensored (2015, Believe Digital)
  • Reset (2018, Believe Digital)


  • "Move" (2011)
  • "Popstar" (2011)
  • "Touch Me" (2012)
  • "Monster Boy" (2012)
  • "Wasted" (2013)
  • "Back Alive" (2013)
  • "Lovekiller" (2014)
  • "Maniac" (2014)
  • "Nicholas’ Got a Secret" (2015)
  • "Single" (2015)
  • "Save Me" (2016)
  • "Online" (2016)
  • "But Nobody Knows" (2017)
  • "Time Resetted" (2018)
  • "If That Was You" (2018)
  • "In the Backstage" (2019)


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