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Alex Scarrow
Alex Scarrow (crop 2016).jpg
Born (1966-02-14) 14 February 1966 (age 53)
Norwich, Norfolk
GenreAlternative history, thriller, science fiction
Notable worksLast Light, TimeRiders
PartnerDebbie Chaffey
ChildrenJacob Scarrow, his son
RelativesSimon Scarrow

Alex Scarrow (born 14 February 1966) is a British author most known for his young adult science fiction series TimeRiders.[1]

Early life[edit]

Alex Scarrow used to be a rock guitarist in a band, spending ten years after college in the music business. He eventually figured that he would never become famous nor get a record deal. He left the music industry in order to become a graphic artist and then he decided to be a computer games designer. He worked on game titles[2] such as Waterworld, Evolva, The Thing, Spartan, Gates of Troy, Legion Arena, and Ultimate Soccer Manager.[3]

He started his writing career initially by writing screenplays, but after difficulty entering the business he turned his strongest screenplay into the successful A Thousand Suns novel.[4] He has since written a number of successful novels, including October Skies. He has also written several screenplays, and is currently writing a highly successful young adult fiction series,[5] which, according to his TimeRiders website, "Allowed him to really have fun with the ideas and concepts he was playing around with when designing games."[6]

He currently lives in Norwich with his son, Jacob and his partner, Debbie.



  • A Thousand Suns – 3 May 2006 (ISBN 978-0-7528-8135-5)
  • Last Light – 25 July 2007 (ISBN 978-0-7528-9327-3)
  • October Skies – 21 August 2008 (ISBN 978-0-7528-8429-5)
  • Afterlight – 27 May 2010 (ISBN 978-1-4091-0306-6)
  • The Candle Man – 26 April 2012 (ISBN 978-1-4091-0818-4)


Alex Scarrow is planning to span the TimeRiders series over 9 books in total. The series is about an agency which consists of three teenagers who have cheated death, and who travel in time to fix history broken by time travel.[7]

Ellie Quin[edit]

Ellie Quin is a new series about a young girl who thought she was ordinary. It turns out she couldn't have been more wrong. She's the most valuable, the most dangerous, the most sought-after human in the universe... and there are people already zeroing in on her.[8]

  • Ellie Quin Book 1: The Legend of Ellie Quin – 23 December 2013 (ISBN 978-0-9575-1600-7)
  • Ellie Quin Book 2: The World According to Ellie Quin – 23 December 2013 (ISBN 978-0-9575-1601-4)
  • Ellie Quin Book 3: Beneath the Neon Sky – 23 December 2013 (ISBN 978-0-9575-1602-1)
  • Ellie Quin Book 4: Ellie Quin in Wonderland – 1 January 2014 (ASIN: B00I9P2Q3W)


  • Remade (Remade 1) - 16 June 2016 (ISBN 9781509811205)
  • Reborn (Remade Trilogy 2) - 29 June 2017
  • Plague World (A Remade Novel) - 26 July 2018
  • Plague Nation (A Remade Novel) - 26 July 2018
  • Plague Land (A Remade Novel) - 26 July 2018


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