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Alex Waibel (actually Alexander Waibel) is a professor of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University and Karlsruhe Institute of Technology and is the director of interACT,[1] the International Center for Advanced Communication Technologies. Waibel's research interests focus on speech recognition and translation[2] and human communication signals and systems.[3]

One significant scientific contribution of Waibel are Time delay neural networks, which he developed.[4]

Dr. Waibel was one of the founders of C-STAR,[5] an international consortium for speech translation research, and served as its chairman from 1998-2000. His team developed the JANUS [6] speech translation system, the first American and European Speech Translation system, and more recently the first real-time simultaneous speech translation system for lectures. His lab has also developed a number of multimodal systems including perceptual Meeting Rooms, Meeting Recognizers, Meeting Browsers and multimodal dialog systems for humanoid robots. Waibel directed the CHIL program [7] (FP-6 Integrated Project on multimodality) in Europe and NSF-ITR project STR-DUST (the first domain independent speech translation project) in the U.S. He is project coordinator of the IP EU-BRIDGE,[8] funded by the EC and started on February 1, 2012. In the areas of speech, speech translation, and multimodal interfaces Dr. Waibel holds several patents[9] and has founded and co-founded several successful commercial ventures. He is the founder and chairman of Jibbigo, a mobile speech-to-speech translation app which uses speech recognition and machine translation.