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Alex Wong
Alex Wong playing guitar at Rockwood Music Hall.jpg
Alex Wong performing at Rockwood Music Hall.
Background information
Birth name Alex Liang Wong
Born 1974 (age 43–44)
Palo Alto, California, U.S.
Genres pop, indie folk, chamber pop
Occupation(s) record producer, singer-songwriter, audio engineering
Instruments Vocals, piano, guitar, drums, waterphone, percussion
Years active 1997–present
Labels Beverly Martel Records, High Ceilings Music
Associated acts The Paper Raincoat, The Animators, Vienna Teng, Deadbeat Darling, Bellows Band

Alex Liang Wong (born 1974) is an American record producer, multi-instrumentalist (including guitar, piano, drums, waterphone) and singer-songwriter based in Nashville, Tennessee.

Wong released his first solo studio album: A City on a Lake (2012).[1] He has written, co-written, produced and performed on numerous other albums, a partial list appears below in the Discography section.

For his engineering contribution to "Aire soy," track 2 of Miguel Bose's 2012 album Papitwo, Wong received a Latin Grammy nomination.[2]


Wong drumming at Bowery Ballroom

Wong began his career in 1997 when he joined The Din Pedals. Chosen for his classically trained percussion skills, Wong replaced James Grundler on the drums, with Grundler becoming the front-man for the group.[3]

In 2002 Wong formed The Animators along with Devon Copley. They released a number of albums and were a force in the NYC music scene for five years.[4]

Wong went on to form The Paper Raincoat with Amber Rubarth. The band released an EP and a self-titled album, earning a cult-like following. Paste Magazine labeled them "Best of What's Next" in 2010.[5]

Wong has toured extensively with Vienna Teng. He co-produced her fourth album, Inland Territory, and co-wrote Antebellum (Track 3). Inland Territory won the ninth annual Independent Music Awards Vox Pop vote for best Folk/Singer-Songwriter Album.[6]

He also appeared on Teng's fifth album, Aims, singing a duet with her on The Breaking Light (Track 8), a song they co-wrote.

In 2011 Wong collaborated with Paul Freeman on a project called Bellows.[7]

He toured extensively with Ximena Sariñana. Sariñana sings on "Oceanside" (track 4 on A City on a Lake).

Wong remains active on the music scene, writing and producing with other artists as well as writing, producing, and performing for his own projects..

Alex Wong playing Melodica at Attucks Theatre, Norfolk, VA

Discography (partial)[edit]

Alex Wong playing Waterphone at Attucks Theatre, Norfolk, VA

Megan Slankard[edit]

  • Running on Machinery - October 2014

Produced by Alex Wong


  • Relief LP - 2013

Produced and co-written by Alex Wong

Morgan Karr[edit]

  • Yellow Skies EP - February 2013

Produced by Alex Wong. Track "Fall Blind" - Winner of Vox Populi Best Pop Song at 13th Annual Independent Music Awards[8]

Delta Rae[edit]

Martin Rivas[edit]

  • Reliquary - July 2012

Produced by Alex Wong. Track "Your Heart Will Be Broken Again" - Winner of Vox Populi Best Adult Contemporary Song at the 12th Annual Independent Music Awards[10]

Chimes of Freedom[edit]

Compilation of Bob Dylan covers by various artists honoring 50 years of Amnesty International. Track 2 of Disc 3, "I Want You," produced by Alex Wong[11]

Vienna Teng and Alex Wong[edit]

  • The Moment Always Vanishing - 2010, self-produced, recorded live in Joe's Pub
  • Inland Territory - 2009, Zoë/Rounder Records/Universal - Songs written by Vienna Teng - (Antebellum written by Vienna Teng/Alex Wong) Produced by Alex Wong/Vienna Teng
  • The Breaking Light - co-written (2011) duet on Vienna Teng's 2013 album Aims.

Elizabeth & the Catapult[edit]

  • The Other Side Of Zero - Oct 2010 Verve Forecast Records - Go Away My Lover (Track 5) produced, arranged, recorded by Alex Wong. Other tracks produced by Tony Berg[12]

Ari Hest[edit]

  • Sunset Over Hope Street - March 2011 Project 4 Records

Alex Berger[edit]

  • Snowglobe - Spring 2010 – Winner: Best Story Song at 10th Annual Independent Music Awards[13]

The Animators[edit]

  • How We Fight - 2006 Produced, recorded, arranged by Alex Wong/Devon Copley - Written by Devon Copley/Alex Wong ("Buy Buy" written by Copley/Wong/Bill Lloyd)
  • The Chamber Sessions EP - 2004 Angelhouse Recordings - Produced, recorded, arranged and mixed by Alex Wong/Devon Copley
  • Home By Now - 2003 Produced, recorded, arranged by Alex Wong/Devon Copley - Written by Devon Copley/Alex Wong

The Paper Raincoat[edit]

  • The Paper Raincoat - 2009 Angelhouse Records - Produced, recorded, arranged by Alex Wong - Written by Alex Wong/Amber Rubarth except (Brooklyn blurs - Written by Alex Wong/Devon Copley and Rewind - Written by Amber Rubarth)

The Din Pedals[edit]

Everyman for Himself (play)[edit]

  • Official Soundtrack - 2006 Produced, recorded by Alex Wong, Music composed by Alex Wong - Soundtrack won 2007 LA WEEKLY Theater Award for Best Original Music[14]

Melissa Ferrick[edit]

  • Still Right Here - September 2011 - Produced the title track, Still Right Here (Track 1)
  • Still Right Here - September 2011 - Produced Headphones On (Track 2)

Glide Magazine reviewed the album and specifically called out both tracks produced by Wong.

Libbie Schrader[edit]

  • Magdalene - 2011 - Produced Diamond Dust (Track 10)

Deadbeat Darling[edit]

  • Weight of Wandering - 2009 - Produced by Joseph King/Alex Wong with Sanjay Jain, Mohit Bhansali and Mishal Zeera, mixed by Lars Goransson
  • Belle Epoch EP - 2007 - Produced/recorded by Joseph King/Alex Wong with Sanjay Jain and Mohit Bhansali, mixed by Chris Coady

Amber Rubarth[edit]

  • New Green Lines - 2008 - Track 3 produced by Alex Wong, Tracks 3 & 11 co-written by Alex Wong
  • Unfinished Art EP - 2006 - Rough Cut (Track 6) written by Amber Rubarth/Alex Wong
  • Something New - 2005

Mariana Bell[edit]

  • Book - 2008

Wendy Parr[edit]

  • Heera - To be released - Produced, recorded, arranged by Alex Wong - Get Up and Dance and Na Shikva Hota by Wendy Parr/Alex Wong


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