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Alexa Still
Born1962 (age 59–60)
New Zealand
Occupation(s)Musician, professor

Alexa Still (born 1962[1]) is a New Zealand-born flutist based in Oberlin, Ohio, where she is an Associate Professor of Flute at the Oberlin Conservatory of Music.[2]

Still studied in the US with Samuel Baron at SUNY Stony Brook (MM, DMA) and with Thomas Nyfenger.[3] Early in her career she won several competitions including the New York Flute Club Young Artist Competition, and East and West Artists Competition for a New York Debut.[3] Still returned to New Zealand for eleven years to take the position of Principal Flute with the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra.[4] She has presented recitals, concertos and master classes in Australia, England, Germany, Slovenia, Turkey, Mexico, Canada, Korea, China, Thailand, New Zealand, Venezuela, Brazil, and the United States.[2] In 1996, Still received a Fulbright Award.[2] From 2006 to 2007, she was Chair of the Board of Directors for the National Flute Association (USA).[5] Still has also served on faculty at the University of Colorado at Boulder (1998–2006) and the Sydney Conservatorium of Music (2006–2011).[6]


Still has recorded extensively with Koch International Classics label.[4] Her CD recordings include:

  • Carl Vine: Sonata for Flute (KIC-CD-7658)
  • Medieval Suite (KIC-CD-7566)
  • Alexa Still - Flute (KOCH 3-7063-2 H1)
  • Alexa Still - Flute (KOCH 3-7144-2H1)
  • Ernest Bloch (KOCH 3-7232-2 H1)
  • Alexa Still - Flute (KOCH 3-7140-2 H1)
  • William Grant Still (KOCH 3-7192-2 H1)
  • Moross: Frankie and Johnny (KOCH 3-7367-2 H1)
  • Kiwi Flute (KOCH 3-7345-2H1)
  • Alexa Still - Flute: Charles Koechlin (KOCH 3-7394-2)
  • The Vinnese Guitar (KOCH 3-7404-2H1)
  • Richard Rodney Bennett (KOCH 3-7505-2 H1)
  • Lowell Liebermann: Complete Chamber Music for Flute (KOCH 3-7549-2 H1)
  • Flute Salad (KOCH 3-7602-2)

She has also recorded with the Oberlin Music label.[7] These recordings include:[7]

  • Ravel Intimate Masterpieces (Oberlin Music OC 13-04)
  • House Music (Flute Concerto, 2006) - Matthew Hindson (Oberlin Music)
  • Syzygy - Music for Flute by Efrain Amaya (Oberlin Music OC 18-01)


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