Alexander ALX300

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Alexander ALX300
Arriva bus 4519 Volvo B10BLE Alexander ALX300 W295 PPT in Newcastle 9 May 2009 pic 2.jpg
Alexander ALX300 bodied Volvo B10BLE.
Manufacturer Walter Alexander Coachbuilders/TransBus/Alexander Dennis
Production 1997 - 2007
Body and chassis
Floor type Low floor
Chassis MAN 18.220
MAN 18.240
Volvo B10BLE
Engine MAN (MAN 18.220/18.240)
Volvo (Volvo B10BLE)

The Alexander ALX300 (later known as the TransBus ALX300 and the Alexander Dennis ALX300) is a full size single-decker bus body built by Alexander at Falkirk, Scotland, United Kingdom, which was first built in 1997. It was one of the ALX-series bodywork, which accounted for 5 different models (100/200/300/400/500), built for new generation (mainly low-floor) bus chassis produced since late 1990s.

Stagecoach in Newcastle ALX300 bodied MAN 18.220 rear in Newcastle upon Tyne.

It could be mounted on the MAN 18.220, DAF SB220 or Volvo B10BLE chassis. The ALX300 shares its appearance with the ALX200 midibus, ALX400 2-axle double decker body and the ALX500 3-axle double decker body and belongs to the same family as the ALX100 minibus.

The ALX300 was never as successful as many of its competitors, most notably the Wright Renown on the Volvo B10BLE chassis. However the ALX300 on MAN 18.220 chassis is the favoured full size single-decker bus of Stagecoach Group in the UK. Despite the arrival of the Enviro300, which is aimed at the same full-size single deck market, Stagecoach has continued to prefer the ALX300, with further deliveries to the group in the first half of 2006. The last ever batch of ALX300-bodied buses, built on the new MAN 18.240 chassis, were delivered to Stagecoach Sheffield in Spring 2007. The ALX300 was then replaced by the Enviro300 which is now Stagecoach's preferred type.

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