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Self-portrait of Alexander Anderson at age 81

Dr Alexander Anderson (April 21, 1775 – January 17, 1870) was an American illustrator.[2]

He was born in New York City to Scottish parents.[3] "At the age of twelve years he made his first attempts at engraving on copper, frequently using pennies rolled out, and on type-metal plates. He received no instruction, and his knowledge was acquired by watching jewelers and other workmen." He is one of the earliest American wood-engravers. He produced works for books, periodicals, and newspapers. Anderson is the author of the cartoon Ograbme, a spoof on the Embargo Act of 1807.[citation needed]

He was also a contemporary of Thomas Bewick, and published his first work in Arnaud Bernaud's "The Looking Glass of the Mind" in 1794.

Anderson died in 1870, at the age of 94.


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