Alexander Arbuthnot (printer)

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Alexander Arbuthnot
Arbuthnot LOC photo meetup 2012.jpg
Alexander Arbuthnot printer's device, Thomas Jefferson Building, Library of Congress
Died 1 September 1585
Nationality Scottish
Occupation Printer
Spouse(s) Agnes Pennycuik
Parent(s) John Arbuthnot, Sr

Alexander Arbuthnot (died 1 September 1585) was an early printer in Edinburgh, Scotland, the fourth son of John Arbuthnot Sr in Portertown and of Legasland.


He printed the first edition of George Buchanan's first History of Scotland in 1582.[1]

The Scots Buik of the most noble and vailyzeand Conqueror Alexander the Great, printed by Alexander Arbuthnot about 1580, reprinted in 1831 for the Bannatyne Club, is not really a life. It contains three episodes of the cycle, the "Forray of Gadderis" (not taken from the Fuerre de Gadres but from the Assaut de Tyr in the Romans d'Alixandre), " The Avowes of Alexander," and "The Great Battel of Effesoun," taken from the Viceux du paon.

Found in the British Library Catalogue: "Letter of the Privy Council 8 March 1575 to every parish to advance to Alexander Arbuthnet [sic] five pounds Scots for the printing of the Bible issued at Edinburgh with his imprint 1579".

He married one Agnes Pennycuick and died intestate.[2]



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