Alexander Bekzadyan

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Alexander Harutyuni Bekzadyan (Armenian: Ալեքսանդր Բեկզադյան; 1879, Shusha, Russian Empire - 1938) was a Soviet statesman of Armenian descent.

He studied at the Kiev Polytechnic Institute and Zurich University (1911). He was arrested in Russia as a Communist party Baku and Transcaucasia Committees member, escaped in 1906. Bekzadyan participated in different social-democratic and communist conferences in Europe and Russia. In 1920-21 deputy chairman of the Revolutionary Committee of Armenia, Minister of Foreign affairs of Soviet Armenia. In 1926-30 deputy chairman of Transcaucasian Soviet Federative Republic government and Minister of Trade. In 1930-34 Bekzadyan was the Ambassador of USSR in Norwege, in 1934-37 - in Hungary. A victim of stalinism.