Alexander Bont

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Alexander Bont
Alexander Bont
Art by Alex Maleev
Publication information
Publisher Marvel Comics
First appearance Daredevil vol. 2, #66 (Dec. 2004)
Created by Brian Michael Bendis (writer)
Alex Maleev (artist)
In-story information
Team affiliations New York City criminal underground
Partnerships The Gladiator, The Fixer
Notable aliases The Kingpin
Abilities Highly intelligent,
Extremely strong when on Mutant Growth Hormone

Alexander Bont is a fictional character in the Marvel Comics universe, appearing in the series Daredevil. He was created by writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist Alex Maleev, first appearing in Daredevil vol. 2, #66 (Dec. 2004). He was retconned into being the Kingpin of Crime before Wilson Fisk. His story was told via flashbacks, which were drawn to resemble artwork from the Silver Age of comic books. The climax of Daredevil Vol. 2, #65 (Nov. 2004) alluded to Murdock having been Bont's attorney at one time. This plot thread was dropped however as it was revealed in later issues that Matt refused to be his lawyer.

Fictional character biography[edit]

The First Kingpin[edit]

Alexander Bont first made a name for himself when he killed the hero known as the Defender.[1] After that, he soon rose up the ranks and became the head of organized crime.

The Fixer, the man who ordered the hit on Jack Murdock, paid up to Bont. When Daredevil found this out, he confronted Bont and got him arrested.[1] Bont got out on bail. He later asked Matt Murdock for legal help, but was refused.

When he got out, he paid a visit to the Gladiator who had worked for Bont in the past. He ordered Potter to kill Daredevil. "I made my rep on the blood of one masked mystery man...I'm not--I am not going to lose it over another one."

The Gladiator attacked Daredevil, but was defeated. Daredevil found out that Bont had hired him, and told Bont that he'd see him in jail for this.

Bont was found guilty and sent to prison. The last thing he saw before being loaded into the bus was Daredevil perched on top of a nearby building, smirking at him.

Bont's Revenge[edit]

When Bont was released from jail, he was now a bitter old man. He had found out that Daredevil was really Matt Murdock from The Globe and had acquired a possession of Mutant Growth Hormone.[2]

The world had changed a lot in his absence. Places had changed and his beloved wife died while he was imprisoned. Furious, Bont set out to get revenge on Daredevil.

He met up with Melvin Potter again, who refused to work with him. Bont threatened him with the death of his daughter. "I've arranged for the murder of your four-year-old daughter. She's never met you, but she'll die because of you. You do what I say."

Potter kidnapped Matt Murdock, and was forced to beat him while Bont videotaped it. He then dragged Matt out (in his Daredevil costume) to show the public. When the new White Tiger arrived on the scene and defeated Melvin Potter, Bont took some MGH and threw Matt into a window, savagely beating him and telling him that this was where his father was killed.

However, the action, coupled with the overdose of MGH, proved to be too much for Bont. His heart exploded, killing him.[3]

In other media[edit]


The character of Alexander Bont is briefly featured in the film "Punisher '79-82" from Blinky Productions. Directed by Chris R. Notarile and played by actor Roberto Lombardi,[4] this is the first appearance of the Bont character in a film.


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