Alexander Dennis Enviro350H

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Alexander Dennis Enviro350H
Manufacturer Alexander Dennis
Production 2010 - Present
Assembly Guildford, England
Body and chassis
Doors 1,2 or 3 door(s) (Left-hand drive)
1 or 2 door(s) (Right-hand drive)
Floor type Low floor
Engine Cummins ISBe
Transmission BAE Systems HybriDrive (hybrid system)
Length 12.0m
Width 2.5m
Height 3.2m
Curb weight 19 tonnes (Gross)

Alexander Dennis Enviro350H is a hybrid-electric powered full-size low-floor single-decker bus built by Alexander Dennis which was unveiled in 2010.[1] It was the first Alexander Dennis bus model which was only sold as a hybrid-electric vehicle (the current Enviro200H, Enviro400H and Enviro500H models and the discontinued TransBus Enviro200H have diesel-powered equivalent).

The Enviro350H has its powertrain located at the nearside of the rear overhang, similar with the full-low-floor buses in Continental Europe. It can be equipped with BAE Systems' HybriDrive series-hybrid system with a Cummins ISBe engine as generator.

The bus was being targeted for sale in Continental Europe and Australia.[1] The first bus with Hispano Habit bodywork was unveiled in FIAA 2010 trade show which was held in November 2010, this bus and one similar vehicle had been sold for use in Canary Islands.[2] Another example with Custom Coaches bodywork was unveiled in Australia in early 2011 and was evaluated by State Transit Authority of New South Wales, Australia. Alexander Dennis had since received orders of 22 buses from Stagecoach for use in Scotland (10 for Stagecoach Biuebird and 9 for Stagecoach Perth introduced in 2012, 3 for Stagecoach Biuebird introduced in 2013), 4 buses from First Essex (introduced in 2013) and 12 buses from Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona, Spain.

In 2014, Alexander Dennis announced the "virtual electric" version known as the Enviro350VE. It could be powered by wireless charging in addition to the hybrid power system.

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