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Alexander Cunningham (or Cunninghame)[1] Wallace Dunlop[2] or Alexander Cunningham Fairlie Wallace-Dunlop[3] (16 June 1809 – 21 June 1852) was a nominee member of the Victorian Legislative Council[4] from November 1851 until his death.[3]

Dunlop was born in West Lothian, Scotland to Anthony Dunlop (from Ellerslie, Isle of Man) and Anne Cunningham.[3] Arriving in the Port Phillip District in the 1840s, he became a magistrate in 1851.[3] 31 October 1851 Dunlop was nominated to the Victorian Legislative Council.[1] His nomination to the Legislative Council was announced in the Victoria Government Gazette of 5 November 1851.[4] Dunlop died in Melbourne, his funeral was held on 24 June 1852.[5] He was replaced in the Council by Joseph Anderson.[1]


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Victorian Legislative Council
New seat Nominated Member
31 October 1851 – 21 June 1852
Succeeded by
Joseph Anderson