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Alexander Elder, M.D., is a Russian-American professional trader and a teacher of traders.[1] He is the author of Trading for a Living, considered a modern classic among traders.[citation needed] First published in 1993, this international best-seller[citation needed] has been translated into more than a dozen languages and is being used to educate traders around the world. His Come into My Trading Room: A Complete Guide to Trading was named a 2002 Barron's Book of the Year. His Entries & Exits: Visits to 16 Trading Rooms was named a 2007 SFO Magazine Book of the Year. His latest book is The New Sell & Sell Short: How to Take Profits, Cut Losses, and Benefit from Price Declines (2011). Young traders consider him "the fuel for traders" said one Innocent James Mangut a successful trader who read his book trading for living.

Elder was born in Leningrad and grew up in Estonia, where he entered medical school at the age of 16.[citation needed] At 23, while working as a ship's doctor, he jumped a Soviet ship in Africa and received political asylum in the United States. He worked as a psychiatrist in New York City and taught at Columbia University. His experience as a psychiatrist provided him with unique insight into the psychology of trading.


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