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Alexander Fullerton (1924–2008) was a British author of naval and other fiction. Born in 1924 in Suffolk and brought up in France, he was a cadet during the years 1938–1941 at the Royal Naval College, Dartmouth from the age of thirteen. He went to sea serving first in the battleship Queen Elizabeth in the Mediterranean, and spent the rest of the war at sea – mostly under it, in submarines.


Alexander Fullerton's first novel - Surface!, based on his experiences as gunnery and torpedo officer of HM Submarine Seadog in the Far East, 1944–1945, in which capacity he was mentioned in despatches for distinguished service - was published in 1953. It became an immediate bestseller, with five reprints in six weeks, and sold over 500,000 copies. He has lived solely on his writing since 1967, and is claimed (by his publishers) to be one of the most borrowed authors from British libraries.


The Nicholas Everard Series[edit]

Alexander Fullerton's nine-volume Mariner of England series featuring his hero Nicholas Everard has secured his reputation as one of the finest of modern writers about naval warfare. As well as individual volumes, the series is also published in three omnibus volumes, each comprising three novels.

  • The Blooding of the Guns (1976)
  • Sixty Minutes for St George (1977)
  • Patrol to the Golden Horn (1978)
  • Storm Force to Narvik (1979)
  • Last Lift from Crete (1980)
  • All the Drowning Seas (1981)
  • A Share of Honour (1982)
  • The Torch Bearers (1983)
  • The Gatecrashers (1984)

The SBS Trilogy[edit]

  • Special Deliverance (1986)
  • Special Dynamic (1987)
  • Special Deception (1988)

The Rosie Ewing Quartet[edit]

A series of novels based on the activities of real-life wartime secret agent Rosie Ewing (real name Rosie Quarry) based on her adventures in German-occupied France.

  • Into the Fire (1995)
  • Return to the Field (1997)
  • In at the Kill (1999)
  • Single to Paris (2001)

When Rosie Quarry (a wartime secret agent) read Alexander Fullerton's four novels, she wrote to him suggesting that he might like to hear the story of her first mission, when she'd parachuted into moonlit countryside near Cahors and made her way down to Toulouse to join the SOE network as a radio-operator and courier. Rosie was twenty-four at the time, when the expected life-span of a radio-operator was six weeks. The result was contained in the following 'prequel' to the quartet, which also describes the meeting between her and Fullerton:

  • Staying Alive (2006)

Other Novels[edit]

  • Surface! (1953)
  • Bury the Past (1954)
  • Old Moke (1954)
  • No Man's Mistress (1955)
  • A Wren Called Smith (1957)
  • The White Men Sang (1958) - a fictionalised account of the Shangani Patrol, the Rhodesian equivalent of Custer's last Stand or the Alamo
  • The Yellow Ford (1959)
  • The Waiting Game (1961)
  • Mantrap (1961)
  • Soldier from the Sea (1962)
  • The Thunder and the Flame (1964)
  • Lionheart (1965)
  • Chief Executive (1969)
  • The Publisher (1969)
  • Store (1971)
  • The Escapists (1972)
  • Other Mend's Wives (1973)
  • Piper's Leave (1974)
  • Regenesis (1983)
  • The Aphrodite Cargo (1985)
  • Look to the Wolves (1988)
  • Johnson's Bird (1989)
  • Bloody Sunset (1991)
  • Love for an Enemy (1993)
  • Not Thinking of Death (1994)
  • Band of Brothers (1996)
  • Final Dive (1998)
  • Wave Cry (1999)
  • The Floating Madhouse (2000)
  • Flight to Mons (2003)
  • Westbound, Warbound (2003)
  • Stark Realities (2004)
  • Non-Combatants (2005)
  • Submariner (2008)


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