Alexander Haditaghi

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Alex Haditaghi
Born Alexander Haditaghi
November 2, 1977
Mashad, Iran
Citizenship Canada
Alma mater York University
Occupation Businessman and philanthropist
Organization IAmAction
Known for, MoPals, IamAction, Pacific Mortgage Group
Spouse(s) Single

Alexander Haditaghi (known as Alex Haditaghi) is a Canadian serial entrepreneur and philanthropist.[1]

Early life[edit]

Haditaghi was born in Iran and raised in Turkey. His family immigrated as refugees to Toronto, Ontario, Canada following the death of his father. Impoverished, his family received food from Scott’s Mission, a Christian-led shelter in Toronto.[2] As a teenager, he opened and operated a hot dog cart at a local West Indian Festival. That hot dog cart became a symbol of freedom for me," Haditaghi said in an interview with Inc. magazine.[1] He graduated from York University in 1996.


Alex Haditaghi is the founder and chairman of Pacific Mortgage Company.[3] He also founded and led as CEO of, a publicly traded social-media loyalty rewards program platform.[4] In 2015, Haditaghi was named an Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year finalist.[5]

Personal life[edit]

Haditaghi owns a number of lions and tigers at the Bowmanville Zoo[6] in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, one of which shares Alex’s name and is frequented by Justin Bieber.[7][8] Although, the two have received warnings from Animal Services for housing such animals.[6]

Haditaghi is the author of Softly, I Leave Her.[9]


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