Alexander Hamilton (Partridge)

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Alexander Hamilton
2014 Columbia University Hamilton Hall Statue of Alexander Hamilton.jpg
The sculpture in 2014
Alexander Hamilton is located in Manhattan
Alexander Hamilton
Alexander Hamilton
Location in New York City
ArtistWilliam Ordway Partridge
Year1908 (1908)
SubjectAlexander Hamilton
LocationNew York City, New York, United States
Coordinates40°48′24″N 73°57′42″W / 40.80672°N 73.96179°W / 40.80672; -73.96179Coordinates: 40°48′24″N 73°57′42″W / 40.80672°N 73.96179°W / 40.80672; -73.96179

Alexander Hamilton is an outdoor 1908 sculpture of Alexander Hamilton by William Ordway Partridge, installed outside Hamilton Hall on the Columbia University campus in Manhattan, New York, United States.[1]

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