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Alexander Kendrick (July 6, 1910 in Philadelphia – May 17, 1991) was a broadcast journalist. He worked for CBS during World War II and was part of a second generation of reporters known as Murrow's Boys.

Kendrick Before CBS[edit]

Before partnering with Edward R. Murrow Kendrick worked at newspapers in Chicago and Philadelphia.

Kendrick at CBS[edit]

Kendrick covered World War II in Europe once he joined Murrow and CBS. During the war he traveled on Murmansk Run and covered the Eastern Front. After the war ended Kendrick became the London Bureau Chief for CBS. He is oft remembered for helping to bring Dan Rather into journalism.


  • Prime Time: The Life of Edward R. Murrow (1969)
  • The Wound Within; America in the Vietnam Years, 1945-1974 (1974)


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