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Alexander Matthews is a comic artist and cartoonist. He creates comics for The Dandy, and also draws cartoons for Private Eye, Reader's Digest, and others. He was Prospect magazine's cartoonist of the month for June 2009.[1] Alexander Matthews currently draws for The Beano and writes for The Phoenix.

The Dandy[edit]

When the Dandy had their revamp in October 2010, Matthews introduced the readers to a new story called Robot on the Run. Robot on the Run only ever had eight stories in its series and proved unpopular in the Dandy Vote which took place in February 2011. Robot on the Run was dropped and Matthews disappeared from the comic. Matthews then returned introducing the readers to a time-travelling wrestler called Nuke Noodle who retires from wrestling to become the first time-travelling wrestler, the plot is about Nuke going through time beating up historical figures such as Robin Hood, Hercules and Henry VIII. He has since gone on to create mini-strips, his first, Guitar Zero, beginning in Issue 3579 and You Took That Too Far which debuted in Issue 3584. For the final issue of the print Dandy, Alexander Matthews drew Whacko, Tin Lizzie and Nuke Noodle.

The Digital Dandy[edit]

Alexander Matthews drew Bad Hair Day for The Digital Dandy which made its debut in #1 and lasted until the final issue, #13.

The Phoenix[edit]

He is also working on Useleus (drawn by Wilbur Dawbarn) for the Phoenix which made its debut in #27. Alexander Matthews is currently working on an upcoming Phoenix half-strip called Pow.[2]

The Beano[edit]

Alexander Matthews joined The Beano in #3660 drawing Baby Face Finlayson for the new Funsize Funnies pages. Matthews was then given a second character to bring back as a mini-strip, this time being Lord Snooty in #3666. In #3682, Matthews was given a full page comic strip of a brand-new original story, Big Time Charlie - this being the first brand-new original comic strip to appear (along with Stunt Gran by Steve Beckett) since Beano's Got Talent in early 2012. All three of these stories ended in the penultimate issue to the 75th Anniversary Special.

Until April 2013, Alexander Matthews drew and wrote Ball Boy for The Beano, replacing Dave Eastbury. In his version of Ball Boy, Ball Boy became more consistent in his football skills, Benji became his fake agent and new characters such as football pundits Alan and Alan and a news reporter named Jeff were introduced.[3] One of Alexander Matthews' 2010-12 mini-strips from The Dandy, I Pity the School was reprinted in the Finsize Funnies section during 2013 to fit in with the new style featuring celebrities regularly.


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