Alexander McRae Dechman

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Alexander McRae Dechman (18 Oct 1830 – 10 Apr 1915),[1][2] a Nova Scotia native, was the founder and original owner of the present day location of the city of Grand Prairie, Texas.

On January 2, 2006, Monday was declared Dechman Day in Grand Prairie. Dechman Day is the observance of the date in 1863 that Mr. Dechman filed the deed for land that is now downtown Grand Prairie.


Alexander McRae Dechman born Nova Scotia 18 Oct 1830, Alexander Franklin Dechman born Belnap Texas 22 Nov 1858, Morgan Dechman born Dallas Texas 25 Aug 1885, and Thomas Alexander Dechman born in Indian Territory now called Oklahoma City 11 Nov 1905

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