Alexander Murray, 9th Earl of Mansfield

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The Earl of Mansfield & Mansfield
Born17 October 1956
Title9th Earl of Mansfield and 8th Earl of Mansfield
Children1 son, 3 daughters
Parent(s)William Murray, 8th Earl of Mansfield and Mansfield
Pamela Joan Foster

Alexander David Mungo Murray, 9th Earl of Mansfield, 8th Earl of Mansfield (born 17 October 1956), styled Lord Scone until 2015, is a British nobleman.[1]


Alexander David Mungo Murray was born on 17 October 1956. He is the eldest son of William Murray, 8th Earl of Mansfield and Mansfield, and his wife Pamela Joan Foster.

He succeeded as the 9th Earl of Mansfield, 8th Earl of Mansfield in 2015. He was also the feudal Lord of Balvaird until 2017.

Marriage and children[edit]

Murray married Sophia Mary Veronica Ashbrooke and they have four children:[2]

  • Lady Isabella Mary Alexandra Murray (born 19 Jun 1987)
  • William Philip David Mungo Murray, Viscount Stormont (born 1 Nov 1988)
  • Lady Iona Margaret Sophia Murray (born 13 Mar 1992)
  • Lady Louisa Frederica Olivia Murray (born 18 Dec 1996)


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