Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, Novosibirsk

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Coordinates: 55°01′10″N 82°55′21″E / 55.01944°N 82.92250°E / 55.01944; 82.92250

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, Novosibirsk

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral (Russian: Собор во имя Александра Невского) is the Eastern Orthodox Cathedral in Novosibirsk, Russia, named in honor of Saint Alexander Nevsky.

It is one of the first stone constructions in Novonikolayevsk (former name of Novosibirsk). The church was built in Neo-Byzantine architectural style in 1896–1899. The building design was influenced by the design of Church of Our Lady the Merciful in St.Petersburg built a few years earlier.[1]

It was opened and consecrated on December 29, 1899. In 1915 it became a cathedral.

The cathedral was a specific monument to Tsar Alexander III who initiated construction of the Trans-Siberian Railway which resulted in foundation of Novonikolayevsk (now Novosibirsk) as a new railway station.

In 1937, the cathedral was closed by Soviet authorities.

In 1988, the year of the 1000th anniversary of Kievan Rus' conversion to Christianity, a movement began for the restitution of the cathedral. In 1989, it was re-opened.

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