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Alexander Pope Field (November 30, 1800 – August 19, 1876) was a United States politician.

Born in Louisville, Kentucky, he moved to Jonesboro, Illinois, studied law, and was admitted to the Illinois bar. His uncle was Nathaniel Pope. From 1822 until 1828, he served in the Illinois House of Representatives and supported Andrew Jackson as a Democrat and later became a Whig. He served in the United States Army, in the Black Hawk War of 1832 and was brigade inspector. From 1829 until 1840, he served as Illinois Secretary of State. Field moved to Wisconsin Territory and served as the territory's secretary from 1841 to 1843.[1] He then moved to Saint Louis, Missouri in 1845.[2]

In 1849, Field moved to New Orleans, Louisiana and was elected Louisiana Attorney General serving from 1873 until his death.[3]


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