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Alexander Rudensky in 2013

Alexander Rudensky (born August 21, 1956)[1][2] is an immunologist at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center known for his research on regulatory T cells and the transcription factor Foxp3.[3]


Rudensky received his Candidate of Sciences degree in 1986 from the Gabrichevsky Research Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology, Moscow, and completed his postdoctoral work at the Yale School of Medicine.[4] He is now the Chair of the Immunology Program and Director of the Ludwig Center at Memorial Sloan Kettering, as well as a professor at the Rockefeller University, Cornell University, Gerstner School of Graduate Studies, and Weill-Cornell Medical School.[5]

In a 2003 paper, Rudensky and colleagues showed that Foxp3 programs regulatory T cell development.[3] His lab continues to investigate the molecular mechanisms underlying regulatory T cell activity, and the role these cells play in autoimmunity, tumor immunity, and immunity to infections.[6]



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