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Alexander Sekulov (born 6 January 1964, Plovdiv, Bulgaria) is a contemporary Bulgarian writer. He graduated professional school for stage arts as an assistant producer and Bulgarian philology as a master at the Plovdiv University Paisiy Hilendarski.[1] Sekulov's poetry and prose had been translated into English, German, French and Hungarian.


  • Seventh Sky (1988, poetry);
  • High above the Distance (1997, poetry);
  • Enchanting and Light (2003, poetry);
  • Maps and Geographies (2010, poetry);
  • The Master and the Stones (1996, essays);
  • The High Stone Hills (2006, fragments);
  • The History of the Minimum Resistance. Chronological novel in one column (2008, non-fiction);
  • Light Hotel Rooms (2005, play);
  • The Collector of Love Sentences (2007, 2008, novel);
  • The Little Saint and the Oranges (2009, novel);
  • Nasco H. Stories with Rum, Ginger, Raisons and Honey (2005, art collection published in partnership with Atanas Hranov);
  • The Little Saint and the Black Pepper Men (2007, art collection published in partnership with Atanas Hranov).


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