Alexander Soloviev (revolutionary)

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For the Slavic historian (1890–1971), see Alexander Soloviev (historian).
Alexander Soloviev (1879)

Alexander Soloviev (Александр Соловьёв), (1846 in Luga – May 28, 1879), was a former student who unsuccessfully attempted to assassinate Tsar Alexander II of Russia with a revolver.

On the morning of April 20, 1879, Alexander II was briskly walking towards the Square of the Guards Staff and faced Soloviev. Having seen a menacing revolver in his hands, the Tsar fled. Soloviev fired five times but missed, and was sentenced to death.

Soloviev was hanged on May 28, 1879 (in Julian calendar; June 9, 1879 in Gregorian calendar[1]).

Soloviev had acted on his own, but other revolutionaries were keen to murder Alexander, and there were several assassination attempts following this.

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