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Alexander Straub
Alexander Straub.jpg
Born (1972-06-14) June 14, 1972 (age 46)
Erlenbach, Bavaria, Germany
OccupationInvestor, Entrepreneur

Alexander Straub (born June 14, 1972 in Erlenbach, Bavaria) is an Internet and Telecom entrepreneur and investor.


Alexander Straub is a German-born entrepreneur, the head of the London firm Straub Ventures, and Cambridge Accelerator Partners.[1] He was a Rhodes Scholar at the University of Oxford. He holds degrees from Darmstadt (Dipl. Ing_ and the other from Cornell (MEng). He also attended Stanford University.

In 1999, Straub and business partner Rouzbeh Pirouz won a Sunday Times entrepreneurship contest. With the prize money and additional funding of around £7.6m[2] they launched Mondus, an online B2B marketplace for SMEs . By April 2000 the business was valued at £760 million (Financial Times Article). Later that year, in August, a 40.7% stake was sold to the Italian firm Seat Pagine Gialle for £100m in cash and shares.[3] Soon after the transaction Straub was appointed as Vice Chairman. He moved to New York City to establish Lazard Technology Partners II, a $300 million venture fund, while Pirouz stayed on with Mondus. The duo later bought back Mondus .

In 2006 he co-founded mobile Voice over IP specialist Truphone with James Tagg. Straub was named Technology Pioneer at the World Economic Forum in 2007 and 2008 for his work with Truphone.[4]

In 2007, Straub co-founded Pixsta, a visual search company that later merged into Empora Group. Today, he remains CEO and Chairman of Empora Group, which operates the social sharing network Fashionfreax and Avenue7. He acquired fashionfreax in 2010.[5]

In early 2017 Straub launched SnapMe, an App based e-commerce company, based on e-commerce enabled via computer vision, machine learning and A.I. in preparation for an augmented reality and VR enabled world.

Personal life[edit]

Straub lives in LA, London and Berlin with his wife Tilla Lindig, founder of Happycoat, and three children.


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