Alexander Volberg

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Alexander Volberg
Volberg Vasyunin.jpg
Alexander Volberg (left)
Born (1956-03-06)6 March 1956[clarification needed]
Leningrad, USSR
Fields Mathematician
Institutions Michigan State University
Alma mater Leningrad State University
Doctoral advisor Nikolai K. Nikolskii
Doctoral students Zoltan Balogh
Oliver Dragicevic
Paata Ivanisvili
Stefanie Petermichl
Irina Popovici
Leonid Slavin
Matthew Bond
Nicholas Boros
Nikolaos Pattakos
Alexander Reznikov
Known for Operator Theory, Complex Analysis, Harmonic Analysis
Notable awards Salem Prize (1988)
Lars Onsager medal (2004)
Alexander von Humboldt prize (2011)

Alexander Volberg (Russian: Александр Львович Вольберг) is a Russian mathematician. He is working in operator theory, complex analysis and harmonic analysis. He received the Salem Prize in 1988 for his work in harmonic analysis.[1] Also he received the Lars Onsager medal in 2004.[2] He is currently a University Distinguished Professor at Michigan State University.[3] From 2007-2008 he was the Sir Edmund Whittaker Professor of Mathematical Science at the University of Edinburgh.[4]


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