Alexander W. Brewster

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Alexander W. Brewster (5 June 1796 - 6 May 1851) was a prominent merchant and manufacturer, as well as a politician and educator in Erie, Pennsylvania.[1]

Brewster was a local educator. He taught at the Grubb Schoolhouse in Mill Creek, Pennsylvania in 1818.[2] He taught at a log house at 7th and Holland in Erie, and at the Erie Academy.[3]

He served as sheriff of Erie County, Pennsylvania from 1828 to 1831.[4] He served as a burgess in Erie, Pennsylvania in 1849.[5]

He was the first person buried at Erie Cemetery, a graveyard he helped organize.[6] The Brewster Home, on East 5th Street between Holland and French Streets in Erie, was originally built in 1823 and restored by Erie Insurance in 1984.[7]