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Illustration by Zick for "Hop-o'-My-Thumb"

Alexander Zick (1845 Koblenz – 10 November 1907 Berlin) was a German painter and illustrator.

Alexander was the greatgrandson of the painter and architect Januarius Zick (1730-1797), the son of Fresco artist Johannes Zick (1702-1762).

He was a student of August Wittig and Eduard Bendemann.

Numismatic work[edit]

Germany 5 Mark 1904 Art Nouveau Banknote, designed by Alexander Zick

In his last years in Berlin Alexander Zick was the designer of 2 German banknotes, the 5 Mark Reichskassenschein 1904, and the 10 Mark Reichskassenschein 1906.[1]


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