Alexander the Great (board game)

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Alexander the Great
Avalon Hill reissue box cover
Years active1971 – 1972, 1974 –
Genre(s)Military tactics, strategy
Setup time15 minutes
Playing time2 hours
Random chancelow

Alexander the Great is a board wargame first published in 1971 by Guidon Games.[1]

Design and gameplay[edit]

Printed when board wargaming was relatively new, this game was designed by Gary Gygax. The game recreates the Battle of Gaugamela in 331 BC between the Macedonians and the Persians. Players choose to portray either Alexander the Great or King Darius III. The game uses small cardboard counters and a hex-based movement system common to wargames of this era. Pieces represent infantry, cavalry, phalanx formations, chariots, and elephants. A unique feature of the game is a sliding morale track to determine which combat results table is used for combat resolution.


Alexander's Other Battles is a supplement to Alexander the Great published by Guidon Games in 1972. It provides additional counters and maps for Battle of the Granicus, Battle of Issus, and Battle of the Hydaspes.

When Guidon went out of business, Avalon Hill contacted Gygax to secure an agreement to revise and publish the game, and working with Donald Greenwood[1] the game was published again in 1974.


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