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The Alexander von Humboldt German International School Montreal (AvH; German: Alexander von Humboldt Deutsche Internationale Schule Montreal; French: École internationale allemande Alexander von Humboldt) was founded in 1980. It is located in Baie-d'Urfé (Quebec) in the suburbs of Montreal. It was founded with the goal of providing a multilingual learning environment while satisfying both German as well as Quebec education requirements.


The school was founded to offer a German education to immigrants from Germany to Quebec. Today the school serves a much greater community (e.g. German, Canadians, Americans, Italians, etc.).

The school is funded through school fees, donations and support from the Federal Government of the Federal Republic of Germany.

Student body[edit]

As of 2016 there were 300 students; of which 66% of its students come from non-German-speaking households and the remainder come from German-speaking households.[1]


The school cooperates with the Goethe Institute in order to promote German culture in the Montreal area.[1]


Even though the school is not funded by the government of Quebec, it follows the standards of the Quebec Ministry of Education.[1]

Students may not choose to graduate at Grade 11 with the Diplôme des études secondaires and go on to CEGEP; but stay until Grade 12 and get the German International Abitur (DIA). Students may also earn the Deutsches Sprachdiplom, a certificate in German proficiency at grade 12.[2]

The school has courses taught in German, French, and English. In PreKindergarten and Kindergarten courses are mostly in German while French and English courses are introduced in the first grade.[1] The only classes taught in French and/or English are the non-German language classes.[3]

Diplomas Offered[edit]

Year Diploma Description
Grade 10 Sekundarstufe-I-Prüfung German High School Diploma I (allows students to continue in the Sekundarstufe-II education level)
Grade 11 Diplôme des études secondaires (DÉS) Quebec High School Leaving Diploma (allows students to pursue studies in Quebec's CÉGEP system)
Grade 12 Deutsches Sprachdiplom German Language Diploma granting access to German-language university programs
Grade 12 Deutsche Internationale Abiturprüfung (DIAP) (Sekundarstufe-II) German High School-Diploma II (allows students to study in any programme at any University in the world)

Academic Administration[edit]

  • Principal: Thomas Linse
  • Vice-Principal: Christian Maurer
  • Vice-Principal Elementary School: Karin Lagache
  • Preschool Coordinator: Kerstin Essig

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