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Alexandra Cardenas

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Alexandra Cárdenas
GenresFree improvisation, Algorave
Years active2000–present

Alexandra Cárdenas (born 1976) is a Colombian composer and improviser[1] now based in Berlin, who has followed a path from Western classical composition to improvisation and live electronics.[2] Her recent work has included live coding performance,[3] including performances at the forefront of the Algorave scene,[4][5][6][7][8][9] she also co-organised a live coding community in Mexico City. At the 2014 Kurukshetra Festival Cárdenas was a keynote speaker and hosted a music live coding workshop, the first of its kind in India.[10][11] Cárdenas has been invited to talk about and perform live coding at events such as the Berlin based Transmediale festival[12] and the Ableton sponsored Loop symposium,[13][14] and held residencies including at Tokyo Wonder Site in Japan[15] and Centre for the Arts in Mexico City.[16]

She has been featured in videos by governmental broadcast agencies..[17]


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