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Alexandra Dreyfus
Born (1986-04-07) April 7, 1986 (age 31)
Los Angeles, California, United States[1]
Other names Lexi, Lexie, Ra
Occupation Director, photographer, writer, actress, singer, video blogger

Alexandra "Ra" or "Lexie" Dreyfus (born April 7, 1986[1]) is an American director, photographer, writer, actress, singer, and video blogger. She is best known for her work photographing celebrities, portraying Sarah Genatiempo in the Internet series lonelygirl15 and its spinoff LG15: The Resistance.


Alexandra Dreyfus was born in Los Angeles, California. As a young adult she appeared in soap operas, commercials and on Barbie boxes, as the face of Mattel. She attended UCSB to study psychology, but in 2005, Alexandra moved to Germany, where she trained under a Vogue photographer.

She moved back to LA, and worked in production for Bully Pictures and Bullrun car rallies. Alexandra then went on to star on the webseries, Lonelygirl15 –

Thus launched a successful acting career in London, where she also wrote an opinion column for British magazine Dapper. She then went on to become a PR manager and head-writer in LA for Digital Playground, earning a Best Picture AVN Nomination for her script, Assassins.

For a time, Alexandra worked for Paris Hilton, after which she moved to New York City and developed a name for herself as fine art photographer, Ra Dreyfus.

Alexandra recently worked with the CEO and president of a marketing company, NCompasss International, in the development and production of events for blue chip clients such as Activision, CAA and Best Buy, and shows for artists including Alicia Keys, Lady Gaga, Kanye West, and Joseph Arthur.

Alexandra is currently working on her first animated comedy 'Jesse' with ACME Animations company and Director John Dilworth. Two pieces from her fine art exhibition 'Demons' were featured in the Louvre in Paris.



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