Alexandra Quinn

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Alexandra Quinn
Quinn in Las Vegas, January 2000
Born Diane Purdie Stewart[1][2][3][4]
(1973-03-25) March 25, 1973 (age 44)[1][2][3]
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada[1]
Other names Alexandra, Alexanderia Quinn, Alexandria Quinn, Dianne Colazzo[5]
Height 5 ft 8 in (1.73 m)[6]
No. of adult films 228 (per IAFD)[5]

Alexandra Quinn (born Diane Purdie Stewart[4] on March 25, 1973)[3] is a Canadian former pornographic actress.[7]

Early life[edit]

Quinn was born in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.[1] She was a gymnast and jazz singer as a teenager.[7]


Quinn emigrated from Canada with a falsified passport and entered the adult entertainment industry in the late 1980s, while she was underage by using a fake ID.[8][9] She began stripping in Canada when she was 14.[10] Two years later she met pornographic actress Erica Boyer and moved to Los Angeles with her.[10] Quinn began performing in adult films at the age of 16 after Boyer introduced her to agent Jim South.[7] Quinn misrepresented her birth year as 1968, which would have made her 22 at the time of her adult film debut.[1] Her first scene was in the film Space Virgins, and it was a five-person group sex scene with two men and two other women, besides Quinn.[10] She won the 1991 AVN Award for Best Group Sex Scene - Video alongside Sunny McKay & Rocco Siffredi for their performance in Buttman's Ultimate Workout.[11] By November 1991 she had appeared in approximately 100 adult films, 60 of which were shot while she was still a minor.[12]

Discovery of her real age[edit]

Quinn forgot to bring her fake ID to an adult film shoot once and decided to use her real one instead, hoping that no one would notice.[8] She had been working in the adult film industry for over a year but had only turned 18 seven months earlier.[2] This discrepancy on her identification card revealed that she was underage in her earlier adult film appearances.[1] On October 31, 1991, the adult film industry began to destroy the dozens of films she was featured in while she was still a minor.[12][9] She had a breast augmentation surgery on the day of her 18th birthday, which made it easier to distinguish which films were shot while she was still underage and which ones weren't.[8]

The Quinn case is mentioned often, usually together with the Traci Lords underage porn case, in sociological studies.[13] and true crime books.[14] These cases triggered a media debate which ended with the passing of the Communications Decency Act in 1996.[15]

Hiatus and comeback[edit]

Quinn was unwelcome in the adult film industry after her real age was revealed.[6] She later had a $3,500/week contract with the Centerfold strip club in Memphis, which was terminated on October 28, 1993, because, according to Quinn, she refused to allow patrons to touch her.[16] In 1996 she contacted several adult-film production companies in an attempt to resume her career.[7] It took her eight years, after her real age was discovered, to begin working in adult films again on a regular basis.[6] During her eight-year hiatus she only appeared in five pornographic films.[6] Nearing age 30, she began getting cast in the MILF genre in 2000.[7] She was generally welcomed back into the adult film industry; however, Adam & Eve refused to distribute any films containing footage of her.[17] She retired from adult films in 2006.[7]

Personal life[edit]

Quinn married the manager of a strip club called Tiffanies in Phoenix when she was 19 but divorced him four years later.[10]

Quinn was a witness in the murder investigation of Christopher Walsh, which was featured in the true crime novel Nobody Walks.[18]


Year Ceremony Result Category Film
1991 AVN Award[11] Won Best Group Sex Scene - Video (with Sunny McKay & Rocco Siffredi) Buttman's Ultimate Workout


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