Alexandra Zhukovskaya

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Countess Alexandra Vasilievna
Alexandra Zhukovskaya.jpg
Born (1842-11-11)11 November 1842
Düsseldorf, Rhine Province, Prussia
Died 26 August 1899(1899-08-26) (aged 56)
Wendischbora, German Empire
Spouse Grand Duke Alexei Alexandrovich of Russia
Issue Alexei Alexandrovich
Father Vasily Andreyevich Zhukovsky
Mother Elizabeth Reitern

Alexandra Vasilievna Zhukovskaya (11 November 1842 in Düsseldorf – 26 August 1899 in Wendischbora, Germany), was a Russian noble and lady in waiting, daughter of Vasily Zhukovsky and Elizabeth Reitern.


In 1870, Alexandra is alleged to have married a very prominent Russian Royal, Grand Duke Alexei Alexandrovich, the son of Czar Alexander II of Russia. However no proof of such a marriage exists. Even if they were married she would have not been his Grand Duchess as such a marriage did not conform to the laws of the Imperial family.

Titles and Controversy[edit]

The Grand Duke tried to get a title for her and her son. However, the Emperor, his father refused. He was however able to secure her a title by the Republic of San Marino. She was made on 24 March 1875 Baroness Seggiano.

The same year, on 14 December 1875 she married Baron Christian-Henrich von Wohrmann in Munich/ Bavaria.This marriage seem to prove that she did not marry the Grand Duke before. No proof of a divorce exists.


Alexandra and Alexei had one child, a son: