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Alexandre Eremenko (born 1954 in Kharkiv, Ukraine; Ukrainian: Олександр Емануїлович Єременко, transcription: Olexandr Emanuilowitsch Jeremenko)[1] is a Ukrainian-American mathematician who works in the fields of complex analysis and dynamical systems.

Academic career[edit]

He obtained his master's degree from Lviv University in 1976 and worked in the Institute of Low temperature physics and Engineering in Kharkov until 1990. He received his PhD from Rostov State University in 1979 (Asymptotic Properties of Meromorphic and Subharmonic Functions), and is currently a distinguished professor at Purdue University.[2]

In complex dynamics, Eremenko explored escaping sets at the iteration of entire, transcendent functions and conjectured that the connected components of this escaping set are unbounded (Eremenko's conjecture). The conjecture is still open.


Eremenko was a recipient of the Humboldt Prize in Mathematics. In 2013 he became a fellow of the American Mathematical Society, for "contributions to value distribution theory, geometric function theory, and other areas of analysis and complex dynamics".[3]

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