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Alexandre Garese (born July 11, 1968 in France) - Russian lawyer, investor and entrepreneur of French origin.


In 1991 he received a master's degree in Business and International Law[1]. In 1993 got DEA (International Law) in Panthéon-Assas University and DESS (International Business Law) in Paris Nanterre University.[1]

Early career[edit]

In 1992 as part of alternative service he worked as a clerk in the visa department of French embassy in Moscow.[2]

In 1994 worked in Moscow branch of Turifin AG law bureau.

Having got additional education in 1995 Alexandre returned to Moscow where he and opened Seeberg, Stabreit и Garese law firm (at present Garese&Associates) with his colleagues.[3]

As for the clients of his agency there were such large companies as Alfa Group, SBS-Agro and Rossiysky Kredit.

In 2000 he was appointed an accredited arbitrator with the International commercial Arbitration Court (up to the present day).


In 2005 he opened baker chains “Volkonsky”(it includes more than 60 cafes at present). Among his other assets restaurant club Kuznia (Saint Petersburg) and business club Kelia (Moscow). In June 2017 a new gurme cafe ("healthy food cafe") Cooker’s was opened in Moscow.

Among other prospective areas of investment activity (among them oil and gas industry, commercial property and agribusiness).[4]

The co-author of a book "Investing in Russia, Ukraine, Latvia, Lithuania and Kazakhstan".[5]

Sinсe 2010 Garese is a member of Moscow Regional Bar Association.[6] С 2014 года — a member of L’ordre des avocats du barreau de Paris [2]

Personal life[edit]

He has been married to Stephanie Garese (née Sikar) from a noble family since 1993. There are 6 children in the family.

Alexandre Garese collects paintings, mostly Russian artists; there are more than a thousand works of the famous Soviet caricaturist groupe Kukryniksy in his collection

The interest/hobby of the recent years - Iyengar Yoga. One of the business-projects – yoga club in Moscow.[7]

He lives in Moscow and Paris.

Public activity[edit]

Alexander Garese takes an active part in YPO (Young Presidents' Organization). He is in charge of one of its representative offices in France.

The major activities of YPO are the creation of environment for business contacts, exchanging of experience and promoting aspiring businessmen from different countries.


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