Alexandre Noël Charles Acloque

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Alexandre Noël Charles Acloque
Scientific career
Couverture de la revue Le Monde des Plantes, n°65, 1895, qui mentionne Alexandre Acloque comme le rédacteur en chef.

Alexandre Noël Charles Acloque (1871–1941) was a French botanist who was an expert in lichens.[1] Acloque was broadly interested in natural history and wrote books on the flora and fauna (insects) of France.

Selected works[edit]

Drawing from Acloque's volume on beetles in A Fauna of France
  • Les Champignons (Mushrooms), 1892
  • Les Lichens (Lichens), 1893
  • Flore de France (A Flora of France), 1894
  • Faune de France' (A Fauna of France), 1896-1900)
    • Mammifères (Mammals)
    • Oiseaux (Birds)
    • Poissons, Reptiles, Batraciens, Protochordés (Fish, Reptiles, Amphibians Protochordats, , 1 vol., in-18 de 210 p., avec 294 fig.
    • Coléoptères (Beetles), 1 vol., in-18 de 466 p., avec 1052 fig.
  • Les insectes nuisibles (Insect Pests), 1897
  • Scènes de la vie des insectes (Scenes from the Life of Insects), 1897
  • Flores régionales de France (Regional Floras of France), including the French Alps, the Pyrénées, Alsace-Lorraine, the Mediterranean, western France, and Paris


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