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Alexandre Rabinovitch-Barakovsky (born 30 March 1945) is a Russian-born composer who lives in Switzerland. He is one of the first composers of minimalism (from 1969); "La Belle Musique N.3" (1977) is the first work for orchestra in the minimalist field. He emigrated to Paris from Moscow in 1974, and now lives in Switzerland.

Selected works[edit]

Alexandre Rabinovitch-Barakovsky defined his musical conceptions as <<TERZA PRATICA>>.

Rabinovitch-Barakovsky's main works are all part of a global work-in-progress called "Anthology of Archaic Rituals - In Search of the Center".

  • "Les mots de Andrei Biely" (1969) cantata
  • "Le point d'appui trouvé" (1970) chamber music
  • "Happy end"" (1972) electro-acoustic piece
  • "La Belle Musique n°2" (1974) chamber music
  • "Perpetuum mobile?" (1975) amplified violin solo, amplified piano, amplified vibraphone" (+ amplified campanelli)
  • "Le récit de voyage" (1976) violin, cello, marimba, piano" (dedicated to Alexei Lubimov)
  • "La Belle Musique n°3" (1977) for orchestra
  • "Requiem pour une marée noire" (1978) amplified soprano, amplified vibraphone, amplified piano
  • "Entente cordiale" (1979) amplified piano and orchestra
  • "Litanies" (1979) string quartet and vibraphone
  • "Musique populaire" (1980) 2 amplified pianos, 2 amplified marimbas, amplified celesta
  • "Discours sur la délivrance" (1982) amplified cello solo, amplified piano, amplified clavinova, amplified vibraphone
  • "La belle musique n°4" (1987) for 4 amplified pianos
  • "Cantique pour Orfeo" (1987) amplified baryton, amplified vibraphone, amplified piano, amplified celesta
  • "In illo tempore" (1989) sinfonia concertante for 2 amplified pianos and chamber orchestra
  • "Musique populaire" (1994) 2 amplified pianos and orchestra
  • "3 Invocations" (1995) string quartet and amplified celesta
  • " Incantations" (1996) sinfonia concertante for amplified piano (+ amplified celesta) and chamber orchestra
  • "6 Etats intermédiaires" (1997–98) sinfonia for orchestra, based on the Bardo Thödol (Tibetan Book of the Dead)
  • "La Triade" (1998) sinfonia concertante for amplified violin and orchestra
  • " Retour aux sources" (1999) Sinfonia for orchestra" (dedicated to Vladimir Yankilevsky)
  • "La harpe de David" (1999) sinfonia concertante for amplified cello and orchestra
  • " The celtic harp" (2000) sinfonia concertante for amplified violin, amplified viola and orchestra
  • "Die Zeit" (2000) for four amplified instruments: violin, cello, piano, celesta (dedicated to Maria Balkan)
  • "Le Tryptique" (2000)," sinfonia for orchestra
  • "Les trois Gunas" (2001) for amplified flute, amplified clarinet, amplified clavinova, amplified vibrafono+marimba+campanelli" (1 percussionist), amplified piano
  • "Jiao" (2004) for 11 strings, amplified celesta, amplified vibraphone, amplified clavinova
  • "Maithuna" (2005) sinfonia concertante for orchestra
  • "Les Chants-Spirales" (2006) for amplified vibraphone solo, amplified clavinova, amplified piano
  • "3 Manas" (2009) for amplified piano or amplified electric piano. (dedicated to HJ Lim)
  • "Opus Magnum" (2010) Sinfonia concertante for chamber orchestra in three movements : Nigredo, Albedo, Rubedo
  • "Alchera" (Dreaming, Dreamtime, 2012) for amplified cello and orchestra. Dedicated to Sir Roger Norrington.
  • "The Source Field"for orchestra in two movements (1. Space and Time 2. Time and Space), based on the book "The Source Field" by David Wilcock
  • "La Belle Musique N.5-Dhikr" (2014) for vibraphone, piano and string quartet.

Selected Discography[edit]

  • Terza Pratica, Box Set [4 CDs], 2012 VDE GALLO, Switzerland
  • Tantric Coupling, 2006 MEGADISC Classics, Belgium MDC 7802
  • Pura Cosa Mentale, 2004 MEGADISC Classics, Belgium MDC 7812/11
  • Die Zeit, 2001 MEGADISC Classics, Belgium MDC 7822
  • La Triade, 2000 DORON Music, Switzerland DRC 3033
  • Incantations, 1999 MEGADISC Classics, Belgium MDC 7831
  • An Introduction to Alexandre Rabinovitch, 1996 MEGADISC Classics, Belgium MDC 7846
  • Alexandre Rabinovitch Oeuvres pour Piano, 1994 VALOIS-Naive, France V 4694
  • Pourquoi je suis si sentimental, Alexei Lubimov, 1995 "BIS"


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