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Ubeleski's Aeneas and Anchises

Alexandre Ubeleski (sometimes Ubelesqui or Ubielesqui) was a French painter. Ubeleski was born in Paris in 1649.[a] He was a pupil of Charles Lebrun, and completed his studies in Rome, where he became a member of the Academy, and where he painted the dome of a chapel in Santa Maria in Transpontina.

Danse d'une nymphe et d'un satyre, Arras, musée des Beaux-Arts

On his return to France he was patronized by the Court, became a member of the French Academy in 1682, and Professor in 1695. He died in Paris, April 21, 1718.[b]

Notes and references[edit]

  1. ^ Some sources give his date of birth as 1628.
  2. ^ Some sources give his date of death as 1715.
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