Alexandria Ariana

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Alexandria Ariana
Mercator Map (1578) - Asiae-Tabula IX
Mercator Map (1578) - Asiae-Tabula IX
Country Afghanistan

Coordinates: 34°14′33″N 62°26′57″E / 34.24246°N 62.44904°E / 34.24246; 62.44904

The first of many Alexandrias in the Far East of the Macedonian Empire, Alexandria in Ariana was a city in what is now Afghanistan, one of the twenty-plus cities founded or renamed by Alexander the Great. The third largest Afghan city, Herat, is the city's modern name.[1][2]

In 330 BC, the Greek armies of Alexander moved the capital of the satrapy of Aria[3] from Artacoana to the new site.[4] In doing this, he expanded an existing Persian fortress.

The location of this town is difficult to determine due to the sparsity of ancient sources. However:

Alexandria in Ariana is listed on the Parthian Stations Itinerarium and is also shown on the Tabula Peutingeriana.


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