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This article is about the zoo in Alexandria, Egypt. For the zoo in Alexandria, Louisiana, see Alexandria Zoological Park.
Alexandria Zoo
A giraffe at Alexandria Zoo
Date opened 1958[1]
Location Alexandria, Egypt
Coordinates 31°12′18″N 29°56′40″E / 31.2050384°N 29.9443692°E / 31.2050384; 29.9443692Coordinates: 31°12′18″N 29°56′40″E / 31.2050384°N 29.9443692°E / 31.2050384; 29.9443692
Major exhibits Hill of Lions, Apes Hill, Swan Lake
Website No official Web site available

The Alexandria Zoo is a zoo close to the Smouha neighborhood in Alexandria, Egypt. The zoo charges an entrance fee, this allows guests to walk around the zoo and view a selection of animals from around the world..


The species on display include a common hippopotamus, lions, striped hyenas, California sea lions, zebras, scimitar horned oryx, a selection of bears, monkeys,[2] Dromedary camels, Barbary sheep, black leopard, spotted hyena, golden jackal, Asiatic camel, llama.[1]


The zoo also includes a reptile house and a 'birds and small mammals' section,[2] as well as a museum. The reptile house is home to several endemic Egyptian species, including the Egyptian cobra, the Nile crocodile and the critically endangered Egyptian tortoise.

Several aviaries are home to hawks, eagles, falcons, African crested porcupines and Egyptian mongooses.[1]


By the early 2000s the zoo was in disrepair from neglect.[citation needed] Animal Aid Egypt, along with a group of volunteers started helping improve the animals' living conditions. They talked zoo authorities into freeing the zoo's elephant from chains during the day, to roam freely, as well as building her some shade and reinforcing her night quarters. They worked with keepers to improve the chimp's diet and added enrichment to their outside enclosures, and are trying to get wooden floors in their night enclosures.[3]

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