Alexander II Mircea

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Alexandru II Mircea
Prince of Wallachia
Alexandru II Mircea.jpg
Reign 1574–1577
Born Wallachia, Romania
Spouse Catherine Salvaresso
Issue Mihnea II Turcitul
House Drăculeşti
Father Mircea III Dracul
Mother Maria Despina

Alexandru II Mircea was Hospodar of Wallachia from 1568 to 1574 and 1574 to 1577. He was the father of Mihnea II Turcitul. His parents were Mircea III Dracul and Maria Despina. Raised by the Turks in Istanbul and hardly knew of his country of origin before gaining the throne of Wallachia.

Voivode of Wallachia[edit]

Alexandru and his wife Catherine Salvaresso came to Bucharest in June 1574. Much like his great-grandfather, Vlad III Dracula, he was known for his extreme cruelty, beginning his reign by slaughtering dissident boyars. Eventually, however, Alexandru was poisoned by noblemen claiming to be loyal to him.